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Privacy Policy

Guilford County Genealogical Society (GCGS) holds copywrite on our books, journals, and maps prohibiting copying unless authorized by our society. 

Privacy of personal information is important to us and protected.  Any visitor or member information will be stored and used by Guilford County Genealogical Society for society business such as emails, mailings, and phone calls.  Normal information stored are name, mailing address, email, phone numbers, and membership years.  We store if requested families researched by members to assist members who have a family link open a communication link.  Many past and current members have filed  their Family Pedigrees with many available for viewing in the Membership Section. 

Safety and Security

Guilford County Genealogical Society (GCGS) makes every effort to protect all member and visitor information.  Our webpage is on a WIX server recognized as a worldwide leader in websites with SSL security for your protection. WIX is recognized for encryption and firewall protection maintenance for the safety of customer and visitor computer and records.

Credit card transactions are not handled by us for your protection.  We rely on a WIX connection to the bank card service to protect your records and ours.


Please be assured we have set your security and protection out top priority.

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